Learning to Garden

So ever since I was younger I had some interest in gardening–although I was never really good at it. Case in point–my plant that was gifted to me by a friend…it’s still alive but the leaves are yellow.

Then the wonders of Facebook. I saw an ad for Gardens with a Purpose where you can cultivate your own organic vegetable garden–with a guaranteed success rate. I signed up (and offset the fee with SkillFuture–a government initiative to get more Singaporeans to learn more things).

I went for the course yesterday and I was alarmed to see how much plastic was used for the full day seminar–from the styrofoam boxes that housed our lunches to the plastic cups that the plants would be grown in. (At least we’re reusing the cups I guess) I wrote in the feedback form to reduce plastic waste.

The course was engaging and informative and the steps were seemingly easy to follow. Just put the plants in direct sunlight and water them every day and they should thrive. We’ll see how that pans out in real life, but above is how they looked like when they got home.

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