My Decluttering Journey

A year and a half ago, my then-boyfriend proposed to me, and this sparked off a chain reaction of decluttering because our house was not yet ready and I’d be moving into my fiancé’s room after we got married.

My idea was to shrink all the items I had to a manageable number and move into his room. It didn’t turn out quite this way, and so as mentioned in a few posts, I have stuff in my sister in law’s place, my old home and in the room I now share with my husband.

When I was growing up, we had a pass-down culture which only made sense since there were four kids, so I sometimes wore my brother’s hand me downs and my sister wore mine. My mum was a pack rat and resolutely refused to throw anything out (she’s since become better at decluttering), if it was still in good condition and could be reused.

We only really threw things out when we moved, and this was several times over the years. In recent years I learned to fill up a bag and then get rid of it before my mother could check its contents. But my general idea of tidying was still pretty much shove it into a cupboard and not look at it.

So I started throwing things away and reading up on minimalism. Then I came across Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and I was convinced (okay I read Spark Joy first and lost interest in the former). Sparking joy didn’t work for me, although I kept all the items I really did like and use regularly. What worked better was the 1-year rule–if I hadn’t worn it in a year, it goes to the donation pile.

Half of my cupboard in 2016

I did this a few times over the year, prompting my aunt to ask if I actually had any clothes left–the answer was yes, I had plenty, I just didn’t really wear a lot of them. I tried selling some on Carousell, with no success, so in the end I generally donated them to the large bulk bin downstairs, Salvation Army or to H&M.

There were items that I was not sure about and they stayed. They might get donated next culling cycle or they might still stay (and not be worn). But I managed to go from one and a half of a wardrobe to just one.

The process is still ongoing: I think I’ve reduced the number of clothes to one I’m comfortable with in my home, but now my next task is to do the same with my old bedroom and clear those stuff. And then continue the process with items that are not clothes.

What fits into one shelf in 2017

Here’s what my closet kinda looks like right now. All these items fit into one and a half shelves in the cupboard, while there’s another portion of the cupboard with my ‘going out’ clothes, dresses and tops. Will have to do another cleanup in my old bedroom and try to move everything over within the next few works, just to consolidate everything.

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