I plan to cycle to work for a month – Week 1

Generally the way I get to work usually is pretty eco-friendly—I take the public bus along with hundreds of other commuters, and then run like mad for the lift in my office building if I’m close to being late. Also, I don’t own a bike. My last bicycle sat in the car park for years and years because the bicycle lock which chained its—and my—freedom … Continue reading I plan to cycle to work for a month – Week 1

Zero Waste essentials–free

As I shifted my mindset more towards zero-waste living, I often had (and still have) the urge to purchase things, and often stalk the grocery-restaurant at Mahota in Singapore to try to purchase some.  More often than not I don’t buy anything, mainly because I don’t have the budget for it (saving up for renovations etc). So I scrounged around my house and here’s what … Continue reading Zero Waste essentials–free