Zero Waste essentials–free

As I shifted my mindset more towards zero-waste living, I often had (and still have) the urge to purchase things, and often stalk the grocery-restaurant at Mahota in Singapore to try to purchase some. 

More often than not I don’t buy anything, mainly because I don’t have the budget for it (saving up for renovations etc). So I scrounged around my house and here’s what I have…for free.

Okay so the Kyoto Starbucks tumbler isn’t actually free. We (my then-bf and I) bought matching ones on our first trip to Japan, but I never used it. I managed to unearth it just yesterday and it’ll be great to bring to work and drink. All. The. Tea. 

The Tau bottle came from my sister, and I saw it discarded by the sink… so naturally I waited a week or two and then pounced on it and brought it home. The only two things I don’t like about this bottle is that the capacity is limited (330ml) and I keep having to refill it via the very small opening, causing a lot of spilling. 

The Pikachu hanky is one of the gifts that my husband wins in his arcade games, so that’s free to me but not actually for him.

The metal spoon and fork and chopsticks I acquired from my maternal home over the weekends, and they’ve been quite useful especially when I go out for dinner before Japanese class. 

Cutlery and my glass Tupperware container, which has a silicone lid. 

The last spoon was a media gift from Anantara, and I kept it because I like it so much. 

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