Week 3 – Cycling to Work 

Day 2- 7 November, Tuesday Didn’t go to work on Monday because I had diarrhoea the day before and I was feeling very nauseous and bloated and like I might need to go again. Went to the doctor instead. Drew first blood today, and swerved too sharply and landed in an unglamorous heap on the pavement. Hit my elbow but thankfully nowhere else. Got helped … Continue reading Week 3 – Cycling to Work 

How to Have a Zero-Waste Period 

Disclaimer: I am not paid by any of the below organisations (I wish). I paid for both the Thinx and Freedom Cup with my own money, because I was sick of regular menstrual products. All the other products I’ve linked are available in Singapore. 1. Know your flow. Specifically, know approximately how much you bleed per day and prepare accordingly. My first two days are … Continue reading How to Have a Zero-Waste Period