Cycle commute to work (Week 2)

Day 1, Week 2 – 30 October – Mobike 

Had some difficulty finding a bike… the first bike I saw was missing a seat and the second was in the park across the road where I used to run. Found one at the bus stop but it doesn’t have gears. 

“Never mind”, I thought, “I can get another one down the road at the next bus stop.” I didn’t, so I had to pedal up the slope with sheer foot power. It was going fine but then an Indian man came out and I had to brake to a stop. Restarted my attempt and somehow managed to make it to the top of the fairly steep hill without trouble. Fairly proud of myself for that. 

I’ve also managed to influence my husband.  Last week he messaged me asking for my discount codes for the bike sharing apps–turns out he had a particularly difficult time trying to find a shop, and figured biking would be easier. We also cycled on Saturday through East Coast Park and today he apparently cycled to the office from the train station via bike. Success! 

Total carbon offset: 0.3kg

Total calories burned: 213 

Total amount spent: $0, still on the October promotion for Mobike. 

Day 2 – 31 October- Tuesday – Mobike 

In actual fact I got on an obike and then had to push it up the slope… so I changed bikes at the next bus stop. This one didn’t have gears so there was a lot of me trying to psych myself to get up those darned slopes. I’m pleased to tell you I made it. 

Seems like they changed their parking regulations though. I received two messages saying I was out of their operating area, although I parked it in the very public void deck. Had to cycle to the nearest bus stop to park it properly. 

Total carbon offset: 0.4kg 

Total calories burned: 272 calories 

Total cost: $0

Day 3 – 1 November – Wednesday – all three

I managed to find an ofo bike first but then it was way too high and I couldn’t control it well enough. The bike actually overturned. I walked down the route to work, spotted two obikes… one looked grimy and the other’s brake stand was spoilt. 

Managed to snag an Obike at one of the bus stops and made my way to office. Despite my worries I’d be late, I made it in well within the 15 minute buffer. 

Had a grand idea to ride from my office to the MRT station… the road was long, bumpy and filled with pedestrians and then the sidewalk got progressively narrower. Worst ride ever. I’ll probably have to learn how to ride on the bus lanes without being completely freaked out before  I can attempt such journeys. Or map a route with park connectors. 

I gave up halfway and took a bus and train to my destination. 

Total carbon offset: 0.7kg 

Total calories burned: 112 + 60 from walking (just an estimate) + 203 = 375 calories

Total spent: $0- obike has a free mornings and evenings promotion. Ofo has free rides all of November. Mobike is having free rides from the 1st to 5th November.

Week 2, Day 4 – 2nd November, Thursday–Mobike

Rode into work with jeggings and my new organic cotton t-shirt from Muji, which was under $15, so that made me happy. The jeggings are taking a while to dry though, so I’m now standing up and working instead of sitting down like a normal human. 

Just signed up for a pledge to walk 10,000 steps in a day for two months to get free obike rides, so I’ll have to move more especially during my now sedentary lunch hour (because I bring my own food). I’m also contemplating getting my own bike honestly, even though I’ve seen exorbitant pricing on most bike sites. 

Cycled back home using the single-speed oBike and dismounted once or twice only on the slopes. Was pretty proud of myself. 

Total carbon offset: 1kg

Total calories burnt: 421

Total cost: $0 

Week 2, Day 5, Friday, 3 November

Eschewed yesterday’s oBike for a grimier, wetter bike–because it had a basket. An aunty (what we call ladies older than ourselves in Asia–even I get called aunty sometimes so it’s not ageist) pushing a child in a stroller asked me how much I paid, so I explained to her the Beauty of the Promotions and she now understood why everyone was taking to these bikes. 

With no momentum to speak of, I rattled over a particularly bumpy patch and then faced my greatest nemesis: the Hill. I persuaded myself it was only a Baby Slope instead of the rather insurmountable hill and pedalled my way up. It’s likely that a pedestrian could easily overtake me, but nevertheless I persisted, and somehow made it up without having to dismount. Score one point for me.

As a reminder not to get too cocky, my ride to the station was…hard. I climbed up the first set of slopes okay, but after that even the first gear of ofo didn’t help me and I had to push my bike up the slopes. My thighs and knees are feeling the burn. 

Total carbon offset: 0.88kg (I think oBike overestimates the carbon offset a bit more than the other apps, but I’m following it)

Total calories burned: 128 + 128 = 256 (ofo says I burned 54 calories but I don’t believe them. 

Total cost: $0 

That’s the end of the second week. Think it was fairly okay this week, and there were some wins. Also I’ve been a little alarmed at how fast my ezy link (the card that we use to tap to pay for subway and bus rides) has been depleting so it’s good to have this other option. 

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