Week 3 – Cycling to Work 

Image courtesy of Chuwa Francis

Day 2- 7 November, Tuesday

Didn’t go to work on Monday because I had diarrhoea the day before and I was feeling very nauseous and bloated and like I might need to go again. Went to the doctor instead.

Drew first blood today, and swerved too sharply and landed in an unglamorous heap on the pavement. Hit my elbow but thankfully nowhere else. Got helped up by the Filipina pedestrian I had avoided just moments earlier.

Total carbon offset: 0.24kg

Total calories burned: 136 from biking alone, more if including walking to the bike

Total amount spent: $5, of which $0.50 was used to pay for this ride. Didn’t check for promotions and this was the only bike within grabbing distance (the rest needed slight detours)

Day 3 – Wednesday, 8 November – ofo

After checking the bike operators’ discounts* I determined to take only ofo until they have promotions again. That means I walked past two perfectly good mobikes and a couple of oBikes to find an ofo. The first one was in bad shape (why can’t we have nice things?) but the second one was good. I unloaded my bag and sailed home.

Not sure why the slopes are not actually getting easier but they’re still difficult to get past. I suppose my level of fitness isn’t up to par? Anyway I managed to get to the station and park my bike at the designated parking lot after dodging all the pedestrians and looking out for rogue Foodpanda motorcyclists.

Total carbon offset: 0.2kg

Total calories burned: ofo says 54 calories. I’m not inclined to agree with them.

Total spent: $0

Day 4 – Thursday, 9 November – ofo

To my delight, I walked towards the bus stop and immediately spotted scores of ofo bikes. Took one (later found out the kick stand is spoilt) and rode off to work.

Didn’t realise it but I was spotted by my colleague who mentioned it in our lunch WhatsApp group chat. So my secret is out. They said my home is super near so it’s okay. I didn’t counter and say it’s 3km away.

Also updated my Mobike app and have requested for a refund of my deposit. Gonna see how long it takes to show up. Oh and now they have the invite friends promotion. When I wanted to invite my husband a couple of weeks ago, they said they didn’t have it.

Total carbon offset: 0.37kg

Total calories burned: 72 (seriously, what?)

Total amount spent: $5

Day 5-Friday, 10 November – Mobike

So I have realised that Mobike is generally the lightest of the three, which makes riding much much much easier. I’d recommend it for beginners, and for those who have to climb Giant Hills on their bike rides.

Left the house a little late so I was worried that I’d not make it into office by 845 (after that they start deducting leave), but so far so good.

Total carbon offset: 0.36kg

Total calories burned: 213

Total spent: $0

Invite codes: If you’re thinking of getting the apps, here are my invite codes so we both get free rides. I am not sponsored by any of the brands, FYI.

oBike: i528925589 to get $1 x 5 ride coupons. Use this link.

Mobike: use this link. We both get 5 free rides.

Ofo: use this code: Y03ihz

Thoughts: I really do like cycling although our infrastructure on roads is still not there unlike in Amsterdam etc. I am looking into getting a helmet to make riding a bit safer, but I think as long as you’re alert and always on the lookout for others you should be okay, barring the bruises and minor scrapes that you’d get.

I’m not sure about the health benefits – losing weight, getting more toned etc. I don’t get delayed onset muscle soreness from cycling so to me that’s not “that bad”, or really working all the muscles so I don’t know. It does make me not have to drink tea till about 10 or 11 though, so maybe it does keep me awake. (I love drinking tea though so that’s unlikely to change my habit).

*This week’s discount for oBike gives riders their first 11 minutes. Mobikers must top up $5 and can ride free for 180 days up to 2 hours.

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