Crazy Experiment 2018: quitting sugar

So I’m 2/3 through the audiobook A Year of No Sugar by Eve O. Schaub and I’m somewhat tempted to try this too. Having done some preliminary research, I’ll try this out for a month, see how I feel then continue on to April if it’s okay still. Basically the idea is to see how long I can go without sneaking sugar into my diet.

My relationship with sugar We were the kids who didn’t like sweets and didn’t drink much fizzy drinks (I was severely scolded the one time my cousin and I tried a Sprite; it became my favorite drink for a while now), but I love my desserts like ice cream, cookies, pineapple tarts (there are still loads of Chinese New Year goodies around) and cakes so this will be a challenge, but hopefully not an insurmountable one. The rules

  1. I will cut out all processed sugar and anything that has sugar as an ingredient in it.
  2. I will drink only water and Black/green tea or coffee with no sugar. Coke Zero is not an acceptable substitute. (I could get oolong tea or green tea, but they come in plastic bottles so that’s a no too)
  3. I will try to make good clean, no sugar options but I will not endlessly badger the wait staff or my parents/in-laws and ask them if they put sugar in things. (Please mom don’t make your apple pie)
  4. I will meal prep myself for lunch and probably buy liquid aminos as a soy substitute.
  5. I will also get a big green smoothie to drink in the morning mainly because I don’t think I’m getting enough greens.
  6. No cheat days are allowed, since it’s a monthly/two month experiment.
  7. If I do forget to meal prep, only the following are ok: Yong Tau Foo, chicken macaroni, vegetarian food with brown rice, the salad place and the veggie burger place.
  8. If I do eat anything that tastes sweet unknowingly, it becomes an unapproved food and is off the list, excepting for fruits.
  9. No natural sugars are allowed, namely sugar cane, honey, agave or brown sugar etc.

I think that’s it for now. If you’ve any tips for me (especially if you live in Singapore and are aware of the insidious sugar lurking in food) let me know!

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