No sugar week 4

Last week of the #nosugar challenge! I’ll most likely round it out to the end of the month, maybe reward myself with a dessert and then continue, I think. Monday, 19 March The lump in throat thing didn’t go away, it was slightly easier to swallow but not really. I also discovered I had a slight fever, so after brushing my teeth and having breakfast, … Continue reading No sugar week 4

No sugar week 3

Monday, 12 March Had the usual breakfast and then vegetarian food for lunch–brown rice with pumpkin, Kai lan and fried egg. Also noted that the snacks in the pantry had two options which I don’t think contain sugar–seaweed crisps (ingredients didn’t mention sugar) and tiny samosas. I could be wrong. Went home for dinner and had the usual. Hungry at 11pm so I had a … Continue reading No sugar week 3

Ways you could be sustainable and not know it

[featured image from KeepCup’s website] So you’ve heard a lot about this newfangled thing called Zero Waste and you really want to start it, but you’re intimidated, and are worried about the lack of access to bulk food stores and whether making your own makeup really works for you. I’ll be the first to say I’m not fully Zero Waste yet, but here are some … Continue reading Ways you could be sustainable and not know it

No sugar week 2

It’s Shark Week folks, so disclaimer to all the guys who get squeamish about hearing about periods, this has some mentions of it. Meal prepped lunches this week, so I wasn’t anticipating much trouble… but then I ran into some unexpected consequences… Monday, March 5 Woke up after having a period dream (sorry to any male readers) where you dream that your period has arrived. … Continue reading No sugar week 2

I am a gym rat.

I never thought this day would come. All my life I have hated the gym, been too intimidated by the machines to use them, never lifted super heavy weights. Heck, up to 2008 I barely even exercised. Background I’ve always been the kid who curls up into a sofa and reads continually. I read anything and everything I could, including my older brother’s textbooks (and … Continue reading I am a gym rat.

Week 1: No sugar.

For convenience, I’ll just put this as one week, even though I’m starting on a Wednesday. I’ve discovered most seasonings and spreads have sugar–soy sauce, peanut butter, chilli garlic sauce I’m looking at you. This also means my daily breakfast of whole meal bread and peanut butter should be banned (although it also comes under the “don’t ask your in-laws too many questions” rule) so … Continue reading Week 1: No sugar.