My makeup stash—then and now

Let’s face it (ooh accidental pun), I’ve never been the type of girl who leaves the house in a full face of makeup. If I’m feeling like an extra shot of beauty is needed I’ll put on some mascara and draw my eyebrows. If particularly motivated, I might even put some eyeshadow and eyeliner on. For events and weddings, this also includes a layer of foundation (or the cc cream I have now) and lipstick.

This was what I started with at the beginning of this zero Waste journey:

I’ve since tossed a lot of these out/replaced them with new ones, so now my stash looks like this:

Granted the eyeshadow isn’t as pigmented as I’d like and the eyeliner takes a while to dry, but they were fairly cheap (though admittedly probably not zero Waste) so we’ll see how they work. I do have some issues with the 100% pure mascara… I find myself rubbing my eyes a lot. Not sure why. The two items not pictured are sheet masks and the Laneige sleeping mask. I think I still have the porefessional somewhere and also the eyelash curler.

The one thing I would add to this is a body moisturiser since I find my skin gets quite dry.

As for skincare, I’ve simplified things down to the bare minimum I think. This is what I started with:

Now I’m left with these:

The washing powder I bought in Nov 2016, after I moved in with my in laws. I use it mainly for my unmentionables which I wash nightly. I still haven’t finished my shampoo or conditioner, although the shampoo looks to be almost done. When it is I’ll use Dr Bronner’s for washing my face, as a body soap and as a shampoo.

The Dr Bronner’s toothpaste is a fairly new acquisition and I’m sad it doesn’t whiten my teeth like it says on the tube, but I guess most whitening products are probably scams anyway or just marketing fluff. The mintiness is nowhere as strong as other toothpastes I’ve used. I only don’t quite like the slight powdery residue it leaves behind but that’s quite bearable. It’s finishing soon though so I have to decide what I should use next.

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