I am a gym rat.

I never thought this day would come. All my life I have hated the gym, been too intimidated by the machines to use them, never lifted super heavy weights. Heck, up to 2008 I barely even exercised.


I’ve always been the kid who curls up into a sofa and reads continually. I read anything and everything I could, including my older brother’s textbooks (and later on literature texts–he’s also three years older than me).

I had no real interest in exercising, but I could cycle and swim. Every Saturday we would go to the country club (yes we were moderately well off) and either have swimming lessons, or doing laps (usually about 20). We had infrequent bike rides with the family but that’s the extent of any physical fitness regime.

My parents encouraged me to pick up a sport, and many golf and tennis lessons later, they deduced the only thing I was really into was bowling.

As I grew older, I never got fat or obese, but when we got a health checkup I apparently had 27 per cent of body fat…so I began on a half-assed approach to getting fitter but nothing stuck.

Bikini Body Guide and Sweat

I discovered Bbg in 2015, after one of the bloggers I follow started doing it. Initially I read what she was doing with great interest, and thought “how hard could it be?” I got the guides and started working out. It wasn’t easy and a lot of times I had to modify the exercises but I found myself getting somewhat leaner. My muffin top has reduced somewhat, but after doing the week 1-24 routine thrice I was bored and did the routines half heartedly for the whole of 2017.

This year I decided to get serious and downloaded the Sweat app, focusing on the Power (PWR) routine. Initially I thought I might be able to accomplish this in my bedroom, but it required, at the very least, a range of weights. It took me a week to conquer my fear and step into the gym. I was (and still kinda am) intimidated by the guys who are always at the cable machine, doing squats with heavy ass barbells, or on the benches lifting 8kg weights. (My max for dumbbells is like 6kg each).

How I feel now

I’m still intimidated but I make it a point to go every few days and follow the app’s schedule. I try to mimic what Kelsey Wells does and adjust the weights accordingly. I don’t quite know if there’s been any progress but I do feel stronger and sometimes as I watch myself lift dumbbells in a side raise I marvel at the “muscle definition”.

It’s also become somewhat of a release from a day of work, like if I can increase the amount I lift it also helps my mood. Sort of, anyway. It does require a lot of effort and motivation though. Some days I have to push myself to get to the gym.

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