Things I want to Buy…

But can’t because of No Spend Year.

[featured image credit: Le Creuset]

I’m just going to leave them here and then see if some free alternatives emerge somehow. Or if the existing items I have need to be replaced.

  • Leggings for working out.

Possible solution: wait till my current pair tears or something and replace. Or just suck it up and wear all the other shorts (which is what I’m doing now).

  • Two dresses for the two family weddings I have to attend and cannot wear the dresses I already have.

Possible solution(s): rent them online, or go through my sister’s closet for them.

  • Sunglasses. I want ray ban aviators but they are both expensive and heavy.

Possible solution: go without. It’s only a year and I only really want them as a statement accesory.

  • A resistance band to double as a cable for weights.

Possible solution: I found a free one on Carousell but I’m way too lazy to travel to Woodlands. I’ll see if I really need it.

  • A barbell and dumbbell combo.

Possible solution: Possible to find on Carousell but I don’t have the space to put it yet, so not intending to get it just yet anyway.

  • Loose leaf tea with infuser. I’ve been drinking tea with Lipton bags which is free (office stocks it) but not at all Zero Waste. There’s organic loose leaf tea from t2, or on iHerb. Not sure if this contravenes the rules of the shopping ban considering it’s foodstuff. Also need to get an infuser for it, but maybe I just need to “borrow” the pot with infuser from home.

That’s it so far. I may also have to replace a t-shirt where the blue colour has faded in strange places.

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