No sugar week 3

Monday, 12 March

Had the usual breakfast and then vegetarian food for lunch–brown rice with pumpkin, Kai lan and fried egg. Also noted that the snacks in the pantry had two options which I don’t think contain sugar–seaweed crisps (ingredients didn’t mention sugar) and tiny samosas. I could be wrong.

Went home for dinner and had the usual. Hungry at 11pm so I had a glass of milk, which contains sugar. Also had rice crackers which taste sweet so I guess there’s probably some sugar.

Tuesday, 13 March

Usual breakfast, nothing to report on that front. For lunch we trooped to the back of our office and into this industrial area, which serves pretty good sliced fish beehoon soup. The queue was mega long, and I was starting to feel a little giddy by the time it was my turn.

A well-meaning colleague passed me the Kit Kat that’s in the featured image. I didn’t have the heart (or quick enough reflexes) to decline her offer so I’ve just left it on my table. I reason I can probably (though not advisedly) eat it if I’m feeling particularly giddy. The key is keeping it close but not in front of my face close I guess.

Managed to work an extra half hour before calling it a day. Made use of the free 1/4 chicken at Nando’s (had it plain-ish), with a side salad and wedges. I didn’t finish the wedges because it was entirely too salty for my liking, and also I was full. I just asked for it knowing I was going to be exercising (and didn’t want to faint).

Wednesday, 14 March

Have a meeting later on so that means spending more money again. I really have to meal prep next week because the uncontrolled spending is getting ridiculous. I also have a NTUC birthday voucher so I can use that to greatly offset the cost of lunches so that should work.

Had yong tau foo for lunch, with vegetables, hard boiled egg, tomato, beehoon and a mushroom.

Dinner was a massive plate of fish and chips, I finished the fish but not the chips (there was just way too much).

Thursday, 15 March

Breakfast as usual. Colleagues wanted to go to the pasta place for lunch (it serves brunch, pasta, etc) but I declined because I have $6.50 in my wallet and I wouldn’t have enough for pasta. I opted for chicken bulgogi rice with egg instead. From my research chicken bulgogi actually has sugar, but opting for the bowl means most of the sauce has not been added. Unfortunately I now taste sweetness in everything so the accompanying sides seemed sweet too, as did the chicken.

I also found a sweetener alternative in rice malt syrup, one that both Sarah Wilson from I Quit Sugar and Eve Schaub support. This particular one was actually Sarah’s brand, which made me feel a little star struck in a dumb way.

Went home for dinner. Cycled home in a bid to beat traffic. Arrived slightly later than usual (I also left office half an hour later) and reached home within 25 mins so that’s not too bad.

Friday, 16 March

Usual breakfast, followed by shredded chicken macaroni soup for lunch. I still get annoyed that additional veg is $2 more. Like seriously? I can buy an entire packet for that amount.

Went to my new house to check stuff out and bowled pretty badly. Met a buyer for husband’s stuff and then we went back near home for dinner–chicken with broccoli teppanyaki with miso soup and butter corn. They also had two slices of orange, but those were incredibly sour. I also didn’t use the disposable chopsticks. #zerowaste

Saturday, 17 March

One of those no questions asked breakfasts again. (Probably noodle soup, I actually don’t quite remember). Meal prepped for the week ahead, garlic chicken rice with liberal amounts of liquid aminos for flavour. Made sure to cook the chicken separately so hopefully it won’t be mushy. Didn’t have lunch so pigged out for dinner with Korean BBQ.

Had chicken bulgogi (no sauce), spicy chicken bulgogi, beef rendang, black pepper chicken, seaweed soup, fish paste soup, kimchi, seasoned cucumber, kimchi fried rice, lots of pepper, fried garlic and a bit of salt, and water to wash it all down, while staring at my husband’s ice cream with a mix of longing and torture. I did not take any. There’s also no sugar free options that I can find around me. (Best is sugalight, but it contains sugar alcohols which have a laxative effect).

Sunday, 18 March

Had noodle soup for breakfast before heading down to church. It’s the third Sunday which means we have to take the Lord’s supper, aka a small cracker and grape juice–yes fructose. I drank it anyway. It’s a tiny container so I think it’s okay. I don’t feel any differently so I think the amount of fructose is possibly negligible…hopefully.

For lunch I had avocado with salmon sashimi, sushi rice and ikura (salmon roe eggs I think). The rice definitely tastes slightly sweet. Also scalded myself with hot water yay me.

We had dinner at my parents’ place, and it was my dad’s attempt at cordon bleu, which was pretty good. I kept feeling a lump in my throat though. Also I ate a lot of peach.


I’m having sugar cravings and I really want to eat ice cream, but I’ve mostly ignored it so far, so that’s a win I guess. Oh and cakes and brownies and all the sweet treats. Two more weeks. Maybe at the end of the month I’ll have some cake.

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