No sugar week 4

Last week of the #nosugar challenge! I’ll most likely round it out to the end of the month, maybe reward myself with a dessert and then continue, I think.

Monday, 19 March

The lump in throat thing didn’t go away, it was slightly easier to swallow but not really. I also discovered I had a slight fever, so after brushing my teeth and having breakfast, I slept again, (which was probably a good idea since I’d woken up at 4 ish and then been unable to go back to sleep).

Lunch was brown rice porridge with fried fish and possibly a fried egg. Had dinner of the usual… the only other thing I ate besides Panadol was a slice of pear.

Tuesday, 20 March

No fever, but it was still painful to swallow so I decided to follow doctor’s orders and stay home, even though I’m guilt ridden at the thought. Meals were pretty much the same as Monday, the only difference being a plastic bottle (with straw!) of barley water my mil got for me. It wasn’t as sweet as it could have been, which was a good thing.

Wednesday, 21 March

Got some upsetting but not unexpected news today. Didn’t eat my feelings but I really wanted to cry a little. Instead I texted friends who had mixed reactions. I’ll do another post on it soon probably.

Anyway, lunch was my meal prepped garlic chicken rice. Thankfully the chicken isn’t mushy, but I don’t taste much garlic.

I’ve also loaded my water jug with about 2 plus litres of water so let’s see how much I get to drink. Drank maybe half of that which isn’t great. Will have to drink more.

Went home for dinner, and finished all the cabbage soup my mil made. I think they know my weakness. Also the soup seems to soothe the throat so I’m okay with it.

Thursday, 22 March

Had the usual breakfast and my meal-prepped lunch. I’m pretty pleased with this because I haven’t spent anything in four days, except for medicines, of which most can be claimed (I hope).

I just realised that the thing I’ve been consuming that has sugar is the lozenges for my throat. I take like one a day, when my throat is particularly scratchy.

Went home for dinner, so the usual fare. Also means #nospendday3 wooohooo. Although I’m contemplating buying plane tickets for a holiday next month.

Also I cycled home and did a resistance workout so I’m basically Gal Gadot. Really didn’t feel like working out and was watching old Buzzfeed videos, where they try to get abs, train like ufc fighters, and kickbox etc for a month. That helped to get me off my bed and at least onto the floor where I started working out. (I did the workout that is easily modified for home).

Friday, 23 March

I’m following the thread #norefinedsugar on Instagram, but the replacements are almost always honey or maple syrup, which contain fructose, so I can’t have that. (My mil has been encouraging me to put honey in my water to soothe my throat but I’ve resisted) I’ve been googling banana as sugar replacement and you can replace white sugar with it, (mashed bananas to sugar in a 2:1 ratio apparently) but no good replacements for honey or maple syrup (i guess you can use rice malt syrup but I’m not sure if there’s a direct ratio substitute for that).

The saving grace is that the place I’m staying in now has no oven anyway, so I can’t bake all these treats.

Breakfast and lunch were the same, and I’m currently contemplating the Kit Kat. Haven’t eaten a bite yet, but it’s tempting. Also we’ve run out of the sugarless treats in the office, so I’m relying on willpower. Okay, scratch that. I ate half a cookie (it broke into half without effort on my part)

Had dinner at Soup Spoon Union. Left the sauce on and had chicken thigh with fried egg and salad. Before that I was feeling lightheaded again so I bought myself a snack…sweet potato fries from NomvNom.

Saturday, 24 March

Had noodle soup for breakfast and my meal prepped lunch for… lunch. Caught a mewtwo and then spent the rest of the afternoon doing crafts for Sunday school. Had herbal chicken soup for dinner and chrysanthemum wolf berry tea… which was super bittersweet. Like 70 per cent bitter and 30 per cent sweet. Had two slices of pear to wash away the taste.

Also gave up and actually started taking sore throat meds.

Sunday, 25 March

Noodle soup for breakfast. Still not feeling well so I took the meds and headed to church. Coughed a bit so drank more water. Sorry kids.

Had bak kut teh for lunch, more specifically pork belly noodle soup that came with a decent amount of vegetables. Also ate raw garlic since my sister in law recommended it (and my husband suggested I should). He later bought me a plastic (horrors!) bottle of honey lemon. For health! It contained 18.3 g of sugar, but apparently it’s a less sugar alternative. I think this means I’m just not going to have the dessert at the end of the month.

Dinner was pizza. From the recipe, there’s sugar in the pizza (not a lot), possibly in the pineapple (we usually use canned) and maybe in the toppings. I had two slices anyway. And a couple pieces of mango, which is allowed.

I’ve also given up any pretense that I’m getting better, so I’m writing this from another clinic. Yay me. Last week of no sugar starts now.

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