Zero Sugar Project (end?)

The last week of the Zero Sugar Project, at least for March.

Monday – Tuesday (26-27 March)

Went to the doctor and was diagnosed with tonsillitis. Spent the two days at home, eating the usual food. No sugar was ingested except for lozenges.

Wednesday (28 March)

Went back to work today. Had an unhealthy lunch of instant noodles with minced pork, some vegetables, fish slices etc. I didn’t detect any sugar but there may or may not have been. Met a friend for dinner and had teppanyaki, garlic chicken, with vegetables and beansprouts. Unlikely possibility of having sugar in the sauce.

Thursday (29 March)

Not enjoying work much but still tried to get as much work done as possible. Lunch was on my own, so chicken macaroni soup with vegetables. Extra ginger to combat the nausea, and slight chilli for the taste. Dinner was Pizza Express, Caesar chicken salad (no dressing), and a couple of slices of pizza.

Friday (30 March)

Breakfast was noodle soup, walnut cake (which tasted bad), and a slice of pear. Didn’t finish the noodle soup, since I was full. Lunch was chicken and char siew rice with cucumber (no sauce so no sugar), not zero Waste though since it was a takeout in styrofoam containers. Dinner was a quick wanton mee soup, salty but not sweet.

Saturday (31 March)

Spent the whole day at home eating pau (I think I ate four or five of them) before heading out to eat sushi. Oh, as a “reward” (fine, I was just greedy) I had a Magnum ice cream as well. I might have built my expectations too high so it just seemed okay (not worth breaking the sugar diet for). Also had an eclair during dinner, and a couple of sushi, along with the sashimi, chawanmushi, egg and crab. (I later had a mild case of diarrhoea as well).


Granted I didn’t follow the whole “ask everyone if all the food they made has sugar” rules, but I also didn’t knowingly eat anything with excessive sugar. I think it’s a happy balance because the last thing I want to do is drive my famil(ies) mad with my questions. I’ll likely continue this for a couple of months, and have one treat at the end of it (maybe).

I learned I don’t have uncontrollable sugar cravings, and if I do want something sweet, a piece of fruit is always a better alternative.

Update: I’ve been continuing to monitor my sugar intake and haven’t gone off the bandwagon yet. I’d like to see if I can make this a permanent lifestyle change.

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