Zero Waste experiments

I didn’t think I’d start these quite so soon, but I ran out of shampoo and then my toothpaste finished… so it’s time I guess. Here’s my experience with zero Waste diys…

Castile soap shampoo

I used this in France and it was disastrous, matted and tangled and I didn’t have any access to conditioner till a couple of hotels later. A hair mask greatly helped in the end. I’ve been using this and the half bottle of conditioner I have left, and it’s made my hair a great deal more greasy than it usually is. This morning I also spotted lots of dandruff on the front of my hair, which I tried to sweep out as much as possible.

I’ve read online that there’s a transition period and you have to wash off the soap reallly well. I washed it in the sink with just water and it seems to be better. Hopefully the transition period won’t last too long. Comments have included trying Apple cider vinegar wash, which I will try and see what happens.


I’ve read a couple of books on naturally restoring your eyesight and I’m intrigued. So I’ve tried to go without wearing specs too regularly, but I can’t at work. We’ll see how it goes and try various exercises as well. This would help reduce my reliance on contacts (which I usually wear only on special occasions and on trips and which annoy me a lot).


So I decided my teeth were superbly yellow (possibly as a result of my daily teas) and tried to use baking soda to clean it. Of course I may have used too much so I had to put it in a separate container. (Should replace it for my in-laws though)

Saw a diy toothpaste recipe on Trash is for Tossers and then added coconut oil to it (didn’t have peppermint), so now I have diy toothpaste, which tastes super salty. Not sure if it really makes teeth white, but a certain tooth was hurting after I used it. (It eased off after I drank some water). I now plan to use it at night and the normal toothpaste in the day and see what happens.

That’s it so far. I’ve recently acquired two steel straws courtesy of the bff (also see the one who made a lemon tart I HAD to eat :)) and an old aluminium bottle from the depths of my room.

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