While I’m unemployed…

Here’s a list of things I want to try and achieve while I’m still jobless.

  • Sell some of my things, i.e., luggages, extra bags, the second cushion compact, my winter jackets
  • Learn to be proficient in SEO. Make this site more SEO friendly as a test.
  • Get more freelance writing gigs. I have one sorta lined up.
  • Learn how to make zero Waste body lotion bars and soaps etc. Test them and see if it could be a viable business.
  • Oversee renovations.
  • Start clearing all the things in the houses. Donate/sell/get rid of at least 50 percent of what you currently have.
  • Improve eyesight till you don’t need glasses to see things in the distance. Also improve astigmatism as much as possible.

Header image by me. The lanterns are made with a waxy paper and the fuel is joss paper, so it’s probably not environmentally friendly nor very Christian in its nature.

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