Taipei trip: No shopping?

Okay, I didn’t make it out without buying anything, but most were replacements–not necessarily zero Waste either–for things I was running out of.

Here’s what I bought and accompanying rationale:


Wet tissues. This was a disaster. I wanted to get them but my in laws beat me to it and I also bought so we now have at least six packets (three are nooTrees). My husband reasons we can use them so I guess it’s okay. Sorta. Not really.

Makeup remover (bought this so that I could use the small bottle it came in for the Dr. Bronner’s, and also I was running out of makeup remover).

During the trip

Cushion compact: my CC cream ran out finally and I wanted to get a stick foundation but this does not exist in Taipei, or at least not that I’ve found. I bought mine from Skinfood. Got two (likely to sell one).

T-shirt and underwear from Uniqlo: my blue t shirt has faded to a purplish colour on the inside in various places. I replaced it with a white tee. The thing about Thinx is it dries super slowly in our hotel room, and I can’t air it out. So I got two pairs of underwear from Uniqlo together with the tee. I will also take two pairs of my existing ones and recycle/donate them (those that I haven’t really worn).

A cute cat boxing t shirt from the night market, because cat and boxing. I don’t really have any other justification for this.

Leather backpack: the one that I brought to Taipei used to have two zips, but I She-Hulked one and now there’s only one. It’s actually fine, although my husband is convinced it isn’t and so I’ve been looking for a replacement. Found one in a shop at Taipei main station at the K underground mall. It’s Italian leather and it’s been made in Taiwan so I’m shopping local. I had also considered the Rebecca Minkoff one (was intending to get it secondhand), but this one can hold my MacBook when necessary.

The uncle selling the bag said that I could fit most of the stuff in the existing one in the bag and I didn’t believe him, so I commenced a packing test to try, and it does. When going to the airport I’ll likely use my tumbler and glass Tupperware as additional storage and shove things inside to maximise space so everything should fit without needing the husband to help me carry stuff.

My plan is to go back to Singapore with the old bag and sell it after the zips have been repaired. I’ll also probably sell my two luggage bags since I don’t need them anymore. As it turns out, the Targus backpack that faithfully accompanied us to Japan and me to Paris has zips that have run and we were frustrated and so we tossed it, which sorta means that it was a good thing we bought two spare bags (also see “trying to justify her buying”).

socks: I’ve been stealing my husband’s and it’s a bit big so the material will bunch around my feet until I find a comfortable position for it.

I walked the entire Wufenpu and Ximending and Taipei Main Station (all major shopping areas) without buying anything else, so I guess that’s an achievement. I also donated the blue tee and a striped tank top.

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