Decluttering: Day 1

I took out everything from the boxes I’d brought home yesterday and stacked them on the bed in piles.

Let’s be honest. This is a mess. And I quickly got very overwhelmed, so I started by sorting out my jewellery and hair accessories: all the cheap earrings I’d bought over the years or those that were given to me but I never ever wore, those that were too big and I’d never wear them again and so on until I had a medium sized box of jewellery and hair accessories.

I stacked books that I didn’t want to keep into a box and it’s half full now. I know when people see my books at home they’ll be like she only reads David Eddings, but that guy has a wit that I really enjoy. And I do read his books over and over again.

Then I started to panic and feel overwhelmed. I managed to clear some of the old tech stuff that I still have, and clear the textiles that I can donate to H&M, and then I decided I had enough and the rest could wait. Too many decisions to be made I think, so those will have to wait till tomorrow. I’m trying to figure out a better strategy for them, and also how and where I can donate them.

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