Two houses down, two to go

Weekends for us now are crazy busy. On Saturday, I woke up to finish up the advertorial that’s been dragging for a couple of days, and then we decided to visit the new house to check on things and see what needed to be bought.

We then headed over to the Expo, (thankfully we managed to get the car from my husband’s aunt otherwise it’d take forever), where we spotted a few good deals on fridges and televisions. In a change of heart, we agreed to take my mum’s washing machine (she’s moving too!) and so that was one less thing to buy.

Walked around our area looking for bathroom accessories, and didn’t buy the dining set at Courts because it wasn’t long enough. We’ve purchased a fridge too.

Had Mother’s Day lunch with my parents and younger brother and husband yesterday afternoon, followed by shopping for bathroom accessories, lugging them home, heading down to my sis-in-law’s place to get the stuff from the Black Friday sale, and then heading to the parents’ new place, having dinner with them, traveling back to my old home to get more stuff and then going to our new place to drop off the bathroom accessories.

I cleared more stuff today, because after the weekend’s adventures, my bedroom floor (aka my half of the room) was completely covered. I donated all my stuffed toys that I had previously wanted to clear, leaving two boxes and a suitcase of stuffed toys, so yes, I still have plenty.

Here’s how the room looks now. I’ll probably go through all the stuff again and clear out more stuff as I go, but I think this is pretty good so far, and I’m quite pleased with the progress.



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