Updates in my life.

Here’s what’s been going on in the weeks I haven’t posted anything.


I’ll be the first to admit I’m not great at this aspect and I’m having problems really letting go. Perhaps it’s because I’m saving art supplies for that one day that I will actually get down to crafting something, no matter how ridiculous it might seem now. Perhaps it’s because I was taught to hold on and clutch to my items so tightly neither of us can breathe. I’ve moved about 80 per cent of my things over to the new house, and I’m pleased that most of them fit on the storage rack in my household shelter. Whatever I don’t touch in the next 30 days I will go through and donate. This culling will be an ongoing battle, so stay tuned.

Here’s my other posts on decluttering: Clearing my stuff from two homes, letting go of stuff I don’t use, packing my stuff from my childhood home, and feeling overwhelmed while decluttering.


I still crave the occasional treat, and I’ve eaten slices of cheesecakes, one slice of kueh lapis cake (rainbow cake with many layers–I don’t particularly like it but it was my brother’s gift from his in-laws) and a slice of too-sweet chocolate cake. I’ve also eaten sugar in the form of bacon and ham (pizza), and had a square or two of dark chocolate that has sugar alcohols (it didn’t make me run to the toilet, I’m happy to report). Our bak kut teh (pork rib soup) place now has a no sugar option for barley, so that’s the one I drink…unfortunately with their updated menu I can no longer request for no straws.

I plan to cook more in our new place, and so I can control what goes into my body (and also our eating out budget). If I do bake, which I likely will, I’ll probably use the rice malt syrup and fruits where applicable to sub for the sugar.

My other posts on no sugar; Results of the March Project, Week 1 and 2.

Zero Waste 

I alternate between washing my hair with Dr Bronner’s and apple cider vinegar and using my husband’s anti-dandruff shampoo, because that’s the only one available at our new place right now and I love love love our rain shower (which was my idea). I’ve finished the baking soda and coconut oil toothpaste that I was using and I’m now using the regular toothpaste. I will probably make more of the mix once I actually live in my new place.

For cleaning materials, I usually use cloths to clean the place and wipe it down. Microfibre cloths for reflective surfaces like windows and floors. I have a Magiclean wiper that my mom gave me, and it comes with the dry sheets. To save on using them (and then having to dispose of them later, I try to sweep the floors first, then put floor cleaner (from Bio-home) on the microfibre cloth and mop the floors. I’ve also bought white vinegar, so I think I’m set…maybe.


I’ve applied to as many jobs as seem interesting, but haven’t heard back from any. So my freelance writing gig will have to sustain me for now. I’ve also signed up with a tuition agency, but so far, I’ve had two potential parents flake out on me.

No spending

I bought two t-shirts in Taipei and a new bag, but otherwise all our money has gone to furniture and stuff for the new place. So far we’ve got a couch, dining set, wardrobe and TV console, as well as a laundry basket and a pretty dustbin (It sparks joy!) I’ve dined out quite a few times traveling from Serangoon to my new place, and I bought the vinegar, but otherwise not much spending, I think. I just remembered I also bought a new pair of black shorts from Cotton On (I only have two pairs of going out shorts at the moment–it proved to be useful since I’ve been traveling down to my new place and the weather has been super rainy).

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