Traveling Light.

I got a surprise media trip invite last week and so I just finished packing for it. I’m traveling tomorrow to do a review of the hotel in Bintan, Indonesia. Here’s what I’m bringing for the three-day trip (technically two days and two nights since I’ll be waking up REAAALLLY early on Sunday to go to the ferry terminal).

All I’m packing with me for the trip. Bag bought from Taipei.

It is stuffed to the brim but here’s what I’m bringing.


Two sets of underwear, one bikini, two dresses, one pair of yoga pants, two t-shirts and one sports bra. I’m wearing a pair of shorts, one of the aforementioned t-shirts, a button down shirt and a pair of wedges that I just bought and I’m almost certain that I will get blisters from. I also brought another pair of slippers.


I hesitated for a while and really almost didn’t bring my shampoo bar and castile soap. But because I’m writing this post, I felt I had to be accountable and so I brought them. I also brought my homemade toothpaste of coconut oil and baking soda (the ratio was supposed to be 1:1 but it was really VERY watery, so I poured out some coconut oil to make it form a better paste-like consistency. It makes my teeth feel cleaner than the toothpaste I was using for some reason.

I also brought my eyebrow pencil, Sephora stick of brushes, a Kabuki brush for blush, two lipsticks, mascara (poked my right eye while applying on the last day of the trip, thanks very much), eyeliner, eyeshadow and a bulky cushion compact that I will not repurchase. My comb broke during the travel so I will have to replace it probably. I also brought moisturisers for both body and face.

Other essentials included passport, wallet, money, sunglasses (for fashion and to hide eyebags), an angpow¬†(red packet) for my friend’s wedding on Sunday, and a notebook and pencil, which I never used.

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