10 Places to Get Reusable Straws in Singapore

So Singapore has got onboard the #StopSucking movement slowly but surely. Here are a few places who are eliminating single use straws: Starbucks, KFC, Foreword Coffee and Common Man Coffee Roasters, you might be looking for sustainable alternatives to the straws. The great news is there are several places that you can easily get a bamboo, glass or stainless steel straw without even leaving your house (and one that you DO need to).

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of these sites, and I don’t get a commission from them. I just think we should support local businesses making an effort to reduce waste.

Bamboo Straw Girl

Bamboo Straw Girl.jpeg

Mel conceived the idea of the bamboo straw shop in December 2014, and the shop now also sells cutlery, menstrual cups, fabric wraps for the cutlery and straws, thermal flasks and natural soap bars. We recommend purchasing the bamboo straw set (S$11), which includes a straw cleaner, a fabric wrap and two straws.

Health Tree


The stainless steel straws (S$ here from Ever Eco come in a pack of four with a brush cleaner. These come in an 8mm diameter, that should be suitable for smoothies and juices. It ships out of Australia, so it might take a while to get here though.

Neis Haus


You’ll find glass (S$19.90 with ‘Love’, ‘Happiness’ or ‘Gratitude’ engraved on it), bamboo (S$2) and stainless steel straws (from S$10.20 and up) here too. The stainless steel straws are handmade in Australia, and you can choose from either 304 or 316 stainless steel. These are produced by the Last Straw Co., and have a few different sizes to choose from.

The glass straws from Glass Dharma are annealed to Corning Inc specifications, and have a lifetime guarantee against breakage. The straws are also packaged in environmentally-friendly packaging.

Nylon Coffee


One of the best places for sustainable, fair trade coffee in Singapore, they’ve replaced all their plastic straws with stainless steel metal straws for their ice coffee drinks, and are selling these online. Choose from either a stainless steel or a chic rose gold one, and a brush is included in your purchase. The pair of straws comes in a cotton drawstring pouch for carrying around. Prices start from S$5.


product_image_iridescent__onecleaner.pngSeastainable is a social enterprise supporting marine conservation in Singapore and Philippines, and one way of doing this is keeping straws out of the ocean. They have a small range of stainless steel straws–the iridescent one is definitely my favorite–which are food grade stainless steel (304) and have not been produced with any plastic at all. These will come in linen pouches and recycled packaging. You can also opt for additional engraving at S$6. 50% of their proceeds will go to different marine conservation groups.

The Sustainability Project


Aside from their shop, where they sell bamboo and stainless steel straws, they also have a wealth of information on going green. For the stainless steel straws, you can order them either in black, gold or rose gold and they come with a straw cleaner too! The bamboo straws can be ordered in packs of 2 or 5 (S$7 to S$15). Your order will be packed in old or used packaging to reduce the impact on the earth.

Trove of Gaia


These bamboo straws (S$3.50) are sourced from Bali, from a local entrepreneur called Putu, who sources the straws from local bamboo (which is quite rare) and cuts them by hand. This helps fund his education, feed his family and also provide opportunities for the villagers around him. Otherwise, another option is the Borosilicate glass straw (S$7), which also comes in a pretty pastel pink and black. For bubble tea, stainless steel straws (S$8.90), in silver, gold, rose gold, gunmetal black or mermaid, are also available (I loveeeee the mermaid one–the colours are soo pretty!).

Ultimate Straw


straw-reusable-ultimatestraw-1_2048x2048-558466752-1532313786476.jpgIf you’re like me and you always want to conserve as much space possible when packing for trips, this straw is perfect for you. The 304 stainless steel straw folds into a small packing case that’s about the size of a keychain! It also comes with its own cleaning tools. This one is probably the most expensive of the lot at S$25, but it does have free delivery. The straw can be used in hot and cold drinks alike.


glass straws Unpackt

Singapore’s first zero waste shop is located in Jalan Kuras, Sembawang Hills, a short bus ride from Ang Mo Kio station. They don’t have an online shop, but it’s worth the trip down anyway since you could also get your grocery shopping done at the same time–just remember to bring your own containers! Their zero waste straw options are multi-coloured glass straws, stainless steel straws and silicone straws–which can be packed easily into your tumbler or mason jar for easy storage.

Wellness Within


This was one of the first shops that I found as I began my sustainable journey. This one sells a variety of straws, stainless steel (S$13.45 to S$29.25 for the wide one). glass (S$8.25 to $8.85 for borosilicate straws) and bamboo (S$3), in a variety of configurations–wide for bubble tea, jagged and slim. Packaging for products are biodegradable, reusable, recyclable and compostable.




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