This year I will…

  1. Focus more on my relationship with my husband and not so much on trying to have a child.
  2. Workout at least four times a week and walk 30min twice a week.
  3. Meal prep at least 80 per cent of my meals.
  4. Eat healthier to help my body be fertile.
  5. Go for a fertility check and see if my fibroids ought to be removed.
  6. Spend $400 a month in total, so that I’ll have extra to pay off my insurance, and hopefully my house. This includes town council tax, food, mobile phone and internet.
  7. Not be worried about what size a label states I am, but be more concerned about what measurements I actually am–and try to get my body fat down to 20 percent or less.
  8. Get more freelance gigs, or a full time job that appreciates my talents and a work life balance.
  9. Read the Bible–with understanding–through the year and go for more Bible studies and fellowship groups–at least once a month.
  10. Try to incorporate more zero Waste habits into my life so I reduce my reliance on plastic.

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