Since I’ve been trying to adopt a more waste-free life, I’ve been a big fan of sourcing clothes and items through Carousell (STILL not a sponsored post), but I’ve never really shopped in bulk for groceries–I’ve only ever filled up castille soap and olive oil in my mason jars.

When I found a bulk food store near my home, I decided to change things and actually shop at that store instead. It was much more feasible than traipsing out of my way to get  groceries. That zero waste store I went to is Eco.le, and it’s tucked away in a remote shopping centre I haven’t been to in years.

I packed all my admittedly tiny containers into my bag and brought them over, and here’s my haul:

Aside from the almond milk, everything else was purchased at Eco.le: the granola, quinoa, oats black pepper and tom yum kaffir lime nuts.

I loved loved loved the tom yum nuts (finished it all in two days), just would have loved a little more salt, the granola was chewy and I didn’t really like it–next time I’ll try it with the almond milk to see if it’s better. I was out of black pepper so I got the peppercorns since my parents gifted me a set of salt and pepper shakers complete with grinders for Christmas.

The quinoa jar at the back doesn’t belong to me, it’s actually the shop’s since I brought a bottle formerly storing vinegar and it was slightly wet on the inside and the owner didn’t want my quinoa going bad.

Clothes and Shoe Shopping

So I recently got a job offer for a parenting website, and I’m cautiously thrilled about it because I haven’t signed the contract yet (I sign on Friday, start on Monday 3 June), and there have been times where I thought I would get the job and then no contract was signed, so cautiously thrilled. I did however notice that the ladies in the office were likely to be dressed more formally than my usual attire of t-shirt and jeans and so I’ve been planning a couple of wardrobe changes to make it more grown up and less ‘I’m a kid of the 90’s who just lives in a t-shirt and jeans’.

What I’m planning to do is get some heels, and office-appropriate shoes, a blazer (since I donated my old one), and maybe a dress or two, or tops. I am not a girly girl and don’t wear too many dresses (right now I have a total of about six dresses in my closet). I opted for better brands like Cole Haan and Banana Republic for shoes, since they are reputedly two of the most comfortable brands on the planet, as well as a Bershka blazer (my favourite–and only–leather jacket is from the same brand). I’m sure my colleagues, especially upper management would prefer more expensive brands but I don’t really have the money nor the inclination to do that.

A quick shot of me on the way to collect my final item in my new outfit. Fun fact: the t-shirt used to be my husband’s till he wanted to give it away, so I sized it down to fit me. Pretty much every item on me is secondhand from Carousell, except the t-shirt.
These are Banana Republic Suede Leather flats. They seem pretty comfortable from my one minute walk around my house.
This is from Bershka. It’s slightly tight around the shoulders and I can’t move my arms too much for fear it’ll split. Also too warm to wear on the East West Line.
A close up of the heels. These are from Cole Haan, and do pinch my feet slightly so I will have to break them in.

I’m thinking of adding a few more tops from Madewell (thanks Carousell) to round up my work-worthy clothes, but I’d also want to donate some clothes before that so that my wardrobe stays minimalist still. I spent a total of S$90 so far on these three items, which is not bad. Hopefully I get lots of wears out of them.

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