Why H&M is not a sustainable option

Let me preface this by saying that some of my favourite clothes were from H&M, which I wore regularly. However, in recent years, I’ve noticed a disappointing decline in their materials. The backstory I had two 15% off vouchers because I donated clothes to them, and the salesclerk for once was at the counter and he passed me the vouchers. Since I recently started working … Continue reading Why H&M is not a sustainable option


Since I’ve been trying to adopt a more waste-free life, I’ve been a big fan of sourcing clothes and items through Carousell (STILL not a sponsored post), but I’ve never really shopped in bulk for groceries–I’ve only ever filled up castille soap and olive oil in my mason jars. When I found a bulk food store near my home, I decided to change things and … Continue reading Shopping.

Updates in my life.

Here’s what’s been going on in the weeks I haven’t posted anything. Decluttering I’ll be the first to admit I’m not great at this aspect and I’m having problems really letting go. Perhaps it’s because I’m saving art supplies for that one day that I will actually get down to crafting something, no matter how ridiculous it might seem now. Perhaps it’s because I was … Continue reading Updates in my life.

Two houses down, two to go

Weekends for us now are crazy busy. On Saturday, I woke up to finish up the advertorial that’s been dragging for a couple of days, and then we decided to visit the new house to check on things and see what needed to be bought. We then headed over to the Expo, (thankfully we managed to get the car from my husband’s aunt otherwise it’d … Continue reading Two houses down, two to go

I packed my room and it fills a car.

This year has unexpectedly become the year of Moves and Weddings. There are three in my family this year, which is a rarity (usually there’s just one each year), and doesn’t include all the other weddings of friends etc that I will be going to. I just cleared out an entire room, which was the room I’ve lived in from late teens till I got … Continue reading I packed my room and it fills a car.

I have stuff in four houses.

I said this to my sister in law and she reacted, naturally, in disbelief. What happened is that I moved out from my family home to a bedroom with my in-laws, so we put some things in storage at my other sister in law’s place (the first is my brother’s wife E; the second is my husband’s sister K) When Black Friday rolled around, I … Continue reading I have stuff in four houses.