Updates in my life.

Here’s what’s been going on in the weeks I haven’t posted anything. Decluttering I’ll be the first to admit I’m not great at this aspect and I’m having problems really letting go. Perhaps it’s because I’m saving art supplies for that one day that I will actually get down to crafting something, no matter how ridiculous it might seem now. Perhaps it’s because I was … Continue reading Updates in my life.

Week 3 – Cycling to Work 

Day 2- 7 November, Tuesday Didn’t go to work on Monday because I had diarrhoea the day before and I was feeling very nauseous and bloated and like I might need to go again. Went to the doctor instead. Drew first blood today, and swerved too sharply and landed in an unglamorous heap on the pavement. Hit my elbow but thankfully nowhere else. Got helped … Continue reading Week 3 – Cycling to Work 

I plan to cycle to work for a month – Week 1

Generally the way I get to work usually is pretty eco-friendly—I take the public bus along with hundreds of other commuters, and then run like mad for the lift in my office building if I’m close to being late. Also, I don’t own a bike. My last bicycle sat in the car park for years and years because the bicycle lock which chained its—and my—freedom … Continue reading I plan to cycle to work for a month – Week 1