I have stuff in four houses.

I said this to my sister in law and she reacted, naturally, in disbelief. What happened is that I moved out from my family home to a bedroom with my in-laws, so we put some things in storage at my other sister in law’s place (the first is my brother’s wife E; the second is my husband’s sister K) When Black Friday rolled around, I … Continue reading I have stuff in four houses.

Zero Waste Beauty–Aug 2017

I’ve never had a problem with giving away clothes; but I struggle more with toiletries and cosmetics, the reason being I don’t know where or how to donate them. Here’s what my loot looks like now (will update once I consolidate stuff from The Other House). Makeup Lipstick One red Maybelline lipstick One pink purple Burt’s Bees lipstick One bright pink Maybelline lipstick One lip … Continue reading Zero Waste Beauty–Aug 2017