My Myomectomy Surgery and Recovery

So, readers of this site will know I have fibroids, which are non-cancerous tumor growths in your womb, and can cause lots of distress during your period (see header below), and, in my case, fertility issues. Here’s how I got them removed and what I’m doing in my recovery. When to get checked by a gynae: If you have heavy periods (that make you want … Continue reading My Myomectomy Surgery and Recovery

Zero Waste Period–Well, Almost

Ever since I discovered brown spots on my underwear at the age of 11, I’ve been using pads for ‘that time of the month’. Some months were more disastrous than others. It was only last year that I discovered I had fibroids–who knows how long they’ve been there–but it certainly explained some of the symptoms I had. Anyway, my period regime usually includes Thinx period … Continue reading Zero Waste Period–Well, Almost