No sugar week 2

It’s Shark Week folks, so disclaimer to all the guys who get squeamish about hearing about periods, this has some mentions of it. Meal prepped lunches this week, so I wasn’t anticipating much trouble… but then I ran into some unexpected consequences… Monday, March 5 Woke up after having a period dream (sorry to any male readers) where you dream that your period has arrived. … Continue reading No sugar week 2

I am a gym rat.

I never thought this day would come. All my life I have hated the gym, been too intimidated by the machines to use them, never lifted super heavy weights. Heck, up to 2008 I barely even exercised. Background I’ve always been the kid who curls up into a sofa and reads continually. I read anything and everything I could, including my older brother’s textbooks (and … Continue reading I am a gym rat.

I have stuff in four houses.

I said this to my sister in law and she reacted, naturally, in disbelief. What happened is that I moved out from my family home to a bedroom with my in-laws, so we put some things in storage at my other sister in law’s place (the first is my brother’s wife E; the second is my husband’s sister K) When Black Friday rolled around, I … Continue reading I have stuff in four houses.

How to Have a Zero-Waste Period 

Disclaimer: I am not paid by any of the below organisations (I wish). I paid for both the Thinx and Freedom Cup with my own money, because I was sick of regular menstrual products. All the other products I’ve linked are available in Singapore. 1. Know your flow. Specifically, know approximately how much you bleed per day and prepare accordingly. My first two days are … Continue reading How to Have a Zero-Waste Period 

Zero Waste essentials–free

As I shifted my mindset more towards zero-waste living, I often had (and still have) the urge to purchase things, and often stalk the grocery-restaurant at Mahota in Singapore to try to purchase some.  More often than not I don’t buy anything, mainly because I don’t have the budget for it (saving up for renovations etc). So I scrounged around my house and here’s what … Continue reading Zero Waste essentials–free