My Myomectomy Surgery and Recovery

So, readers of this site will know I have fibroids, which are non-cancerous tumor growths in your womb, and can cause lots of distress during your period (see header below), and, in my case, fertility issues. Here’s how I got them removed and what I’m doing in my recovery. When to get checked by a gynae: If you have heavy periods (that make you want … Continue reading My Myomectomy Surgery and Recovery

Cleaning off Paint from Tiles

I faced this problem last week. So when the contractors had painted our walls, they left behind teeny tiny flecks of paint on the floor, which creates a very sandy texture. When we first got the keys after renovation was done, we dutifully vacuumed and mopped (twice), only to have the floor inspected by the Dust Detectors on the soles of my mother and mother-in-law’s … Continue reading Cleaning off Paint from Tiles

Updates in my life.

Here’s what’s been going on in the weeks I haven’t posted anything. Decluttering I’ll be the first to admit I’m not great at this aspect and I’m having problems really letting go. Perhaps it’s because I’m saving art supplies for that one day that I will actually get down to crafting something, no matter how ridiculous it might seem now. Perhaps it’s because I was … Continue reading Updates in my life.

While I’m unemployed…

Here’s a list of things I want to try and achieve while I’m still jobless. Sell some of my things, i.e., luggages, extra bags, the second cushion compact, my winter jackets Learn to be proficient in SEO. Make this site more SEO friendly as a test. Get more freelance writing gigs. I have one sorta lined up. Learn how to make zero Waste body lotion … Continue reading While I’m unemployed…