Decluttering: Day 1

I took out everything from the boxes I’d brought home yesterday and stacked them on the bed in piles. Let’s be honest. This is a mess. And I quickly got very overwhelmed, so I started by sorting out my jewellery and hair accessories: all the cheap earrings I’d bought over the years or those that were given to me but I never ever wore, those … Continue reading Decluttering: Day 1

I packed my room and it fills a car.

This year has unexpectedly become the year of Moves and Weddings. There are three in my family this year, which is a rarity (usually there’s just one each year), and doesn’t include all the other weddings of friends etc that I will be going to. I just cleared out an entire room, which was the room I’ve lived in from late teens till I got … Continue reading I packed my room and it fills a car.

Taipei trip: No shopping?

Okay, I didn’t make it out without buying anything, but most were replacements–not necessarily zero Waste either–for things I was running out of. Here’s what I bought and accompanying rationale: Pre-Trip Wet tissues. This was a disaster. I wanted to get them but my in laws beat me to it and I also bought so we now have at least six packets (three are nooTrees). … Continue reading Taipei trip: No shopping?